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Discover Scuba Diving

Did you ever exprience weightlessness like you are on the moon. Did you ever breath beneath the sea? We can give this to you! For those with no or little diving experience. This shallow water dive includes basic theory. Maximum 5 meter deep and 30 minutes. Underwater trip hand by hand with your professional dive staff....

Certified Dives

Reef Dive - Allows a daily dive to the reefs for all certificated divers. Full European Standarts diving equipments available, consistently 20 -30 meters viaibilty crystal warm waters. Reefs with depths ranging from 5-40 meters.
Cave Dive - The excitement of a different diving, cave diving and discover the mysteries of the deep blue. MYSTERY, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE, EXCITED...
Night Dive - Deep in the night to see a living underwater world. Explore the magnificent colors. Let us go under the spell of NIGHT SEA OF DARKNESS ...

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